Blackcurrant Liqueur


Established in 1985, Lurgashall Winery liqueurs are a reincarnaion of Davies Wines that has heritage as far back as 1855!

Blackcurrant liqueur is traditional english countryside recipe made from foraged Blackcurrants that have been carefully picked during the late summer. This liqueur is also know as "Creme de Cassis", "Caviar of Lorraine" and "Noir de Bourgogne".

Appearance:   Rich, deep purple colour

Nose:              Clean, fruity aroma

Taste:              Medium sweet, crisp, balanced & fruity

Finish:             Balanced, sweet yet slightly acidic 

ABV:                17%

Packaging:     500ml Glass bottle, with cork stopper with a black wax seal

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

No artificial colourings or flavourings

Allergens: contains no sulphites

Cocktails:        Kir or Kir Royale, Bramble Cocktail

                        Over ice

Cooking:          Why not drizzle over ice cream, pavlova or with a slice of cake

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