Silver Birch Vodka


Blackdown Sussex Vodka, is the first to be Vodka to produced in Sussex. Made from 100% British Wheat Grain Vodka copper pot distilled and charcoal filtered 7 times to remove all impurities to create a smooth and refined

Finished with a hint of Sussex Silver Birch Sap to add a delicate sweetness.

The Silver Birch sap is tapped once a year in early spring and is sourced within the 40 acres of woodlands, which surround Blackdown. This land is not only used to create wine, but also a selection of liqueurs, wines and spirits.

37.5% ABV  |  Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans - Gluten Free


2014      The Spirit Business Vodka Masters          Master Premium

                                                                                Master Europe

2014      IWSC                                                         Silver

“Blackdown Sussex Vodka is a perfect example of how vodka needn’t be bland and boring anymore. This is a big, bold spirit that’s full of flavour and thoroughly deserving of one of our coveted and rare Master medals.” Becky Paskin, Editor - The Spirits Business

Sussex Mule

50ml Sussex Vodka over ice
Squeeze 1/4 lime
Fever Tree Ginger Beer
2-3 dashes of walnut bitters

Garnish with twist of lime

Silver Birch facts

Silver Birch Syrup is a rare gourmet ingredient, and one of the most difficult to produce, often referred to as “white gold” it takes and average of 100 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup with the sap only containing 1-1.5% sugar (fructose). When the sap is being tapped it looks and tastes much like water.

Fructose has the lowest GI of all sugars with the Silver Birch sap containing vitamins, minerals, including vitamin C, potassium, manganese, thiamin and calcium.

Silver Birch sap is generally harvested between in the UK between March and April when the sap is rising in early spring. The season can last anything between 2-6 weeks, which varies from season to season. In 2015 we tapped over 300 trees, with an average tree providing 5 gallons a day collecting over 1,500 gallons producing 15 gallons of pure syrup.

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