Heritage Collection - Mead

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From bee to bottle, our meads are 100% fermented honey sourced from within the South Downs National Park. Handcrafted in small batches using traditional mead making techniques with only three primary ingredients: honey, water and yeast to create the "nectar of the gods".

As with all of our collections, we combine tradition with a contemporary twist. A choice of six is currently available; Traditional Mead, Spiced Mead, Dry Mead, Reserve Mead, Whiskey Mead and Christmas Mead, there is mead to suit any palate.

Meads can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, and defy the pre-conceived rules in which it should be best enjoyed. A rebel and misunderstood beverage which has stood the test of time, with archaeological evidence to suggest mead pre-dates wine.

Honeymoon” derives from “Honey Mead.” During the Bronze Age and even today, a glass of mead would be consumed every day for 30 days (a lunar month). It was believed to be an aphrodisiac and would be with child within this period.

Mead is also drank to celebrate “Health, Wealth & Wisdom.

A dessert wine, cocktail, cheeseboard, with game, a toast to the newlyweds, a quaff, mulled or just a medicinal tipple before bed. Mead can be enjoyed whenever the mood takes you.

The Heritage Mead Collection has been released to celebrate 30 years of making mead at Lurgashall. They are produced in small 500 litre batches using honey sourced from within the South Downs National Park.

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